Download ARx APP for Chinese New Year Angpow Giveaway!





  1. ARx is an augmented reality application that is meant to enhance physical objects or media with virtual objects, videos or images to increase engagement with customers and shall not be abused to other illegal purposes.
  2. Promotions and giveaways within the application are sponsored by respective merchants as a marketing campaign in a lucky draw format and shall not be used for gambling or money loitering purposes. Apple Inc. or Google Inc. do not sponsor any of the promotion and giveaways.
  3. Children discretion is advised, this marketing tool is for age 17+ and not suitable for those who would associate the application with a form of gambling tool.
  4. The promotion giveaway is done based on a random algorithm differed by the rarity and value of the prizes. ARx does not tamper with any of the results.
  5. Merchants and users should abide to the terms and conditions associated with the promotion. ARx shall not hold any responsibility for any miss verification or void of any giveaways.
  6. Merchants have the right to reject illegal or duplicate Facebook accounts. It is mandatory for users to honour fair play for the promotional giveaway. Only the owner of the associated Facebook account may redeem the prize from merchants.
  7. Users have to contact the merchants via the link provided and claim the prizes within the validity period.

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