A brief

Introduction to ARx

ARx is a company that takes a physical business card and extend its content using augmented reality objects, displaying buttons to text, call, Facetime, email people or directly access their webpage.

A much more interactive and appealing way to present your business or yourself while still maintaining all the classic medium including all of its analog features such as a printed logo and contact information.

Present your business in a far more personal and impressive way –


A list of

Key Benefits


An interactive namecard that talks and sells itself


Fun and appealing way to encourage engagement of businesses

High Outreach

Ability to reach out to leads beyond physical boundaries

Extended Information

Extends information beyond the limits of a name card

Contact Directly

Easy access to Calls, Texts, Emails and Websites

Instant Save

Instant save of contact information

Features of

Annual Subscription

Features Basic Package (RM799) Premium Package (RM1,599)
Introduction Video (20 seconds)
Contact Information (Quick Access Button)
AR Namecard (100 pcs)
Additional Namecard - USD50 per 100 pcs
ARx App
Distributed to all ARx Corner
Animated Pop-Up
Promotional Flyer (12 Annual Updates)
Professional Video + Subtitle RM200 RM200
Professional Logo Animation RM500 RM500
Professional 3D Product Modelling RM1,000 RM1,000
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Let's put your name card to next level

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